Administrative Information Management Systems

Request Forms

Forms which can be used to request batch processing and various other services. AIMS no longer prints labels, requests can be fulfilled by DPS. Please see the Request for Listings and Downloads form below.

Request for Listings and Downloads

Administrative Information Management Systems provides the campus community with listings or downloads of selected, non-sensitive data for university-related purposes only. Please fill out one of these forms if you need to make such a request. More information about the service itself can be found on our services page. Due to current staffing levels, AIMS now requires 20 working days for requests to be completed. Note that during busy times, requests may take longer than 20 working days to complete. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Individuals, organizations and businesses/industries external to Western Illinois University, including armed forces organizations invoking the Solomon Amendment, seeking lists containing students and/or University employee directory information will be charged per request. Charges will be estimated and payment is required before records are released. External entities seeking labels/lists must file a Freedom of Information Act request at

Also Institutional Research and Planning analyzes a variety of university and related data to assist in measuring performance and planning for the future of Western Illinois University. Institutional Research and Planning also annually produces the WIU Fact Book which is a commonly used source of current and historical information about Western faculty, staff, and students. 

Faculty and staff may view, download, and save class roster, major, minor and student-adviser assignment data from the Office of the Registrar.

WIU Campus Email Announcements

Announcement requests may be submitted by employees and students across campus with valid ECom credentials. Those individuals submitting requests should have the authority to submit items on behalf of their department or organization. The announcement must be directly related to WIU and/or events sponsored by WIU. University events sponsored by official campus groups should also be entered into the Western Illinois University online calendar. Student organizations and clubs are encouraged to post their information and events on Purple Post.

The Announcement digest will be distributed every Monday, so please plan accordingly to have your message sent on this schedule. Announcement requests should be submitted at least one week prior to the desired date of inclusion in the digest. They can also be submitted ahead of time and a future publication date specified.

When submitting events, you must include: a title, description, the department sponsoring the event, your vice president, and the group the message should be sent to. Please also include your contact information in case there are any questions about the event. All submitted events will be routed to the indicated vice president for approval, with final approval coming from the Provost's office.

Note: the Annoucements website is only accessible from on-campus computers.  If you are off campus, employees must connect to the VPN before accessing the Announcements website.

More information about the service itself can be found on our services page.


Survey Population Request

You can use this form to make a Survey request.  More information about the service itself can be found on our services page.  Please refer to University Surveys for complete instructions on conducting a survey at Western Illinois University.


TSO/TRMS Request Form

This form is to be used to request access to TSO (MVS Batch and Datasets) and TRMS (MVS Reporting). Your user coordinator, supervisor, or programmer analyst should fill in and submit this form.