University Technology

Western Illinois University VPN

Western Illinois University offers a VPN solution that provides secure access to campus resources that would otherwise only be available to users directly connected to the WIU campus network.  The VPN is only accessible to faculty/staff.  Instructors must complete this form to request student VPN access for instructional purposes.

VPN Options

Clientless VPN

The clientless VPN requires no download or installation. Simply visit For use only in accessing web-based resources via your browser.

GlobalProtect Client

A VPN client is also available for download and installation on your computer or mobile device. This client allows access to all WIU resources regardless of protocol, including remote use of QWS3270 (WIUP) and SSH access to systems like Toolman and UXB. Additionally, the client is useful for encrypting internet traffic when connected to an untrusted wireless connection. Download and installation instructions are below:

Multi-Factor Authentication Requirement

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required when utilizing the VPN. This will require that you provide a code in addition to your ECom password when logging in. This code will be sent to you via a mobile app. Learn more about setting up your MFA options here.

For assistance, please contact the uTech Support Center.