University Technology

Accounts and Access

All students and employees have accounts to access, update, edit, and delete certain information regarding info such as:

  • academic info
  • benefits & billing
  • emergency contacts
  • email
  • file sharing & storage
  • online help (Knowledgebase)
  • personal info
  • phone directory
  • registration
  • searching knowledgebase
  • timecards

Which Account To Use For...

Information Security Tips


  • share your password with anyone
  • walk away from a lab computer you are logged into
  • allow anyone to use your laptop unless you have a 'guest' account setup where they cannot access your info
  • send social security numbers, credit card info, other personal banking or account info through email
  • use the same password on more than one account


Online Directory/Phonebook Info

Your information in the online directory reflects the information in your account. For updates & edits, contact the following: