University Technology

User Support Services

Vision Statement

To serve as a trusted partner in the success of our customers by demonstrating operational excellence and providing efficient and effective solutions.

Mission Statement

To provide the most friendly customer service on campus while delivering exceptional technology services.


  • C - Commit: Go the extra mile for our customers
  • A - Act: Take ownership and follow-through
  • R - Respond: Respond positively, proactively and politely
  • E - Empathize: Listen actively
  • S - Students: Put students first


  1. Improve stability and effectiveness of supported hardware and software.
  2. Increase efficiency through improved utilization of existing resources.
  3. Improve services provided through the standardization and formalization of processes.
  4. Improve customer service/support, increase satisfaction, and demonstrate consistency across all service channels.
  5. Identify and implement new technologies to optimize customer use of technology.
  6. Capitalize on strategic opportunities both internal and external to the WIU community.

Areas Within User Support Services

  • >Classroom Support Services
    Classroom Support Services designs, builds, maintains, upgrades and supports all WIU general use electronic classrooms and video conference facilities.
  • Computer Labs
    The uTech computer labs are designed and maintained by uTech Lab staff. Staffed labs have a student lab assistant available during all operational hours. Computer Resource Centers (CRCs) are set up in convenient locations with a phone available should you need to call for assistance.
  • Desktop and Hardware Services
    Desktop and Hardware Services provides desktop and mobile computing support for WIU faculty and staff. DHS also performs hardware repairs on WIU equipment and offers hardware recommendations for the campus community.  
  • Support Center (help desk)
    The uTech Support Center serves as a first point of contact for WIU faculty, staff and students needing technical help. They provide walk-in, phone and email support services.