University Technology

Account Information (ECom)

User accounts for students, faculty, staff, departments, and organizations are known as "ECom Accounts." ECom is short for "Electronic Communication". Your ECom account grants you access to:

  • A Google Apps account (which includes access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc.) 
  • Access to services requiring use of an ECom username/password (i.e. computer labs and WesternOnline)

Managing Your ECom Account

There are three steps to managing your ECom Account.

  1. Getting Your Account
  2. Activating Your Account
  3. Changing your password

Changing Your Ecom Password

  1. Visit
  2. After processing your info, you should see a confirmation screen verifying that your password was successfully changed.

Creating Passwords

In general, passwords should

  • be long, unique, and easy-to-remember
  • not use personal or easily guessed information

NEVER share your password with others. NEVER email your password. NEVER give it out on the phone. NEVER leave it written down where others could take it. [ More About Passwords... ]

Passwords protect your information privacy. They also prevent people from posing as you to harass you or others, use your information for illegal gains, or ruin your reputation. Protect Yourself.

Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your password, reset it yourself by visiting Need assistance? Call the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH) - for your safety, we cannot reset accounts via email request.

Termination of ECom Accounts

ECom accounts will remain enabled for all students that graduate with a degree and all employees that retire from Western Illinois University. Former students that did not receive a degree from WIU will have their ECom accounts deactivated after three consecutive semesters of non-attendance. Employees that leave the University will have their ECom accounts immediately deactivated upon resignation or termination.

ECom accounts for alums and retirees will be deactivated if found to be inactive for 180 days, or if the account is over the alotted quota. When ECom accounts are deactivated, all files saved on your University network drives, personal web pages, and Google Apps accounts will be deleted. An e-mail notification will be sent prior to ECom deactivation.