2006 Field Day

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Photos from 2006 Alternative Crops Field Day

Held July 20, 2006 from 2-4 p.m. at the

Western Illinois University Agriculture Field Laboratory

Another Hot Field Day! 95 F


Welcome from College of Business and Technology Dean - Dr. Tom Erekson

Mr. Iutzi introduces Illinois bundleflower

Dr. Terry Isbell (USDA-Peoria) explains Lesquerella production

Dr. Terry Isbell (USDA-Peoria) introduces Camelina as a potential new crop for Illinois

Dr. Jeff Wilson (USDA-Tifton, GA) reports on pearl millet breeding trials

Dr. Phippen explains breeding history of corn

Mr. Iutzi describes progress on Okra herbicide trials

Dr. Phippen reports on cuphea breeding program for increased lauric acid

Update on Milkweed production in Illinois

Mr. Osterhaus explains milkweed harvester


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