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students at ag mech fair

Welcome to the School of Agriculture

Agriculture - the United States' largest industry! 20% of the work force is employed in the production, marketing, transporting, processing, and distribution of agricultural products.

Learning how to feed the world is the central theme of the three major program options and the three pre-professional programs that Agriculture students may choose to study. Students may choose to major in Agricultural Business, Agricultural Education, and Agricultural Science. Agricultural minors are available in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Technology Management, Agronomy, Animal Science, Horticulture, International Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation, Plant Breeding, and Urban Forestry. Pre-professional programs in Agricultural Engineering, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine are also available. The pre-professional programs are designed to prepare students for professional study at other universities at the graduate level.

Our Vision

The WIU School of Agriculture will be recognized for cultivating leaders who develop solutions for the diverse world of agriculture.

Our Mission

The WIU School of Agriculture will cultivate leaders of agriculture by providing exceptional education in diverse agricultural disciplines. We will accomplish this by teaching scientific theory, engaging students in practical experiences, conducting research and participating in service and outreach activities.