2003 Experiments

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Planting Date Study

Milkweed was direct seeded using a Hege 1000 Series Drill/Planter on April 1 and every 2 weeks thereafter for a total of 3 dates.  Each date consisted of 3 replications.  All weed control was performed by hand, and seedlings emerged unevenly.  Several plants produced flowers in the first year of growth, but none of the follicles matured sufficiently for seed harvest.  All stalks were removed at the end of the season. 

Plant Density Trials

On April 14, milkweed seed was mechanically planted at 7.5", 15", and 30" row widths and  replicated 3 times.  Seedling emergence was sporadic, but developing plants were strong.   All weed control was performed by hand.  Those plants that flowered produced immature seed only, and the stalks were removed at season's end.

Preemergence Herbicide Study

Six preemergence herbicides were screened in 2003 for potential use in the first year of direct seeding milkweed fields.  Each chemical was replicated 3 times, and three additional plots were left as untreated controls.  All planting was done on May 14 with a Hege 1000 Series Drill/Planter at 30" row widths, and herbicides were applied on May 16.  Emergence and weed pressure notes were taken on June 19 and July 8.  All plant material was removed from the plot in late July.  This year's observations demonstrate the possibility for the development of a preemergence herbicide program for milkweed and evaluations will continue in future seasons.

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