College of Education & Human Services

Degree Completion Procedures

  1. The student submits application to School of Graduate Studies for admission to degree program.
  2. The student receives a letter of admission from the School of Graduate Studies.
  3. The student receives a letter of acceptance from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and is assigned a faculty advisor.
  4. The student meets with advisor for program planning and obtains specific departmental degree requirements and course information.
  5. At the completion of 9 - 15 credits, the student and advisor prepare and file a Degree Plan.
  6. The student receives approval of Graduate Degree Plan from the School of Graduate Studies.
  7. The student completes the Graduate Degree Plan (or amended Plan) course work.
  8. The student applies for graduation eight weeks prior to the end of the semester in which the candidate plans to graduate. The student should meet with his/her advisor at this time to check that all degree requirements have been met.
  9. All course revalidations, final grades, official transcripts for transfer work are completed and in the School of Graduate Studies by the last day of the student’s final semester.