College of Education & Human Services

Six Year Time Period

Graduate students have six years to complete the master’s degree. Use the chart below to plan the timeframe of your program.

First Semester of CourseworkGraduation
Fall 2021Summer 2027
Spring 2022Fall 2027
Summer 2022Spring 2028
Fall 2022Summer 2028
Spring 2023Fall 2028
Summer 2023Spring 2029
Fall 2023Summer 2029
Spring 2024Fall 2029
Summer 2024Spring 2030
Fall 2024Summer 2030
Spring 2025Fall 2030
Summer 2025Spring 2031
Fall 2025Summer 2031
Spring 2026Fall 2031
Summer 2026Spring 2032

If courses go out of date (beyond the six-year window) you may petition to revalidate six semester hours. However, no course may be older than eight years at the time of graduation. For example, if you plan to graduate in Summer 2022, courses eligible for revalidation must have been taken between Fall 2014 and Summer 2016.