Office of the Registrar

4. Exclusion of Directory Information

Students have the right to request that directory information about them not be disclosed.

To make this request, a student must complete an Exclusion of Directory Information Form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. Students who request exclusion of directory information may do so because of serious, even dangerous, circumstances. It is critical that their absolute privacy be protected in every situation.

If a student has requested exclusion of directory information, the University will respond to inquiries as follows:

"We have no information to release on that individual.  Please contact the person directly."

If exclusion of directory information is requested it remains in effect even after a student graduates or otherwise leaves the university.

In carrying out your responsibilities at the University, you may use excluded directory information only as necessary to meet the direct educational needs of the student. For example, the student's name and address may be used in a mailing to inform the student of registration deadlines.

Do not reveal excluded directory information to anyone who does not need it to complete official University duties directly related to the student's educational needs. This restriction applies to all forms of communication, both written and verbal.

How to Recognize Excluded Information

In MVS/WIUP, the first time you attempt to access a record for a student who has requested exclusion of directory information, you will receive the confidentiality message shown below:

This student has invoked the Educational Rights and Privacy Act. All
education records regarding this student are for internal use only.
Release of any data concerning this student is prohibited. Respond to third
party inquiries regarding this student as follows: "We have no information
to release on that individual. Please contact the person directly."

Additionally, class rosters that are emailed to faculty will have the word "INVOKED" under the "PRIVACY" heading.

When working with student data, carefully examine records and computer screens for any indication that the information is excluded.

How a Student Can Rescind an Exclusion Request

To rescind a previously submitted request to for exclusion of directory information, a student must submit a request in writing to the Office of the Registrar.

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