Office of the Registrar

5. Non-Directory Information

Non-directory information is any education record not classified as directory information.

This private information must not be released to anyone, including parents of the student, without written consent from the student. This applies to all student records, whether or not directory information has been excluded. University staff may access this information only if they have a legitimate need to use it in fulfillment of official duties.

Conditions for Release of Education Records

Designated University employees may release non-directory information under certain strictly defined conditions. If someone outside your college or department requests non-directory information, refer the requestor to the Office the Registrar. Staff can evaluate the request and ensure that it is handled according to the law and University policy.

Important note: In the event of a health or safety emergency, student information may be released to appropriate persons as required to protect the safety of students.

Who Is Responsible?

YOU!!  If you have access to student data, you are responsible for its proper handling. No matter what the form or content, you are accountable for handling student records in accordance with the law and University policy.

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