Western Wednesdays Virtual Pub Crawl Recap

5checksThere are so many things to miss about WIU, but often, most memorable are times spent in the "local establishments!" Whether it was to catch up with friends, listen to music, dance, enjoy a drink, or even for a pub crawl, these hot spots have been considered safe havens for decades and remind our Alumni of some of the best times of their lives.

The WIU Alumni Association announced our first ever Virtual Pub Crawl, as part of our Western Wednesdays tradition. On the first Wednesday of every month, we toured one of our more memorable establishments, reflecting back on the social scene surrounding each one. We were joined by staples from each - the owners, the bartenders, the DJs, and even the bouncers, giving us all the chance to reminisce and catch up for a little "Where are they now?"  We visited The Change of Pace, Gin Mill, Forum, Cafe, Ritz, Regulator and many more.

Each night, we hosted the Zoom event starting at 5:30 p.m. (CST) and streamed via Facebook Live!  

Past Virtual Pub Crawls

December 2, 2020

The Change of Pace

Special Guests: Tom O'Brien '07, Matt Cuplin '05 '07, Abe Olson '00, DJ Bottomz (Joe Roselieb '07 '09), Colin Parker '05 '07, Sean Potempa '08, DJ Y2KT now known as DJ KT Smooth (Ken Thermon '76), Bill Stone '98 '04, Rich Williams  and more.

Watch the opening video HERE.

Watch The Change of Pace Pub Crawl event HERE.

January 6, 2021

The Gin Mill

Special Guests: Tommy Henderson '73, Pat "Kuli" Kulisek ''74, Roger Ward, Kevin "Gibby" Gibson '81, Kathleen Trojack '87, Dave "Kupper" Krzeczowski, Dave Gullstrand '88 and more to be announced!

Watch the opening video HERE.

Watch The Gin Mill event HERE.

February 3, 2021


Special Guests: WIU President Huang, Roger Ward, Tim Kipling, Matt Kipling, Ben Kipling, Aaron Forinash, Nick Petitgout, Jake and Annika Agresti, Pat Prendergast and more!

Watch the opening video HERE.

Watch The Forum event HERE.

March 3, 2021

The Cafe

Special Guests: WIU President Guiyou Huang, Tim Kipling, Matt Kipling, Tom Carper, Norine Keating Hammond, David Bach, Barbara "Babs" Parker, Annette Carper, Scott Collins, Nancy Rutledge and more!

Watch the opening video HERE.

Watch The Cafe event HERE.

April 7, 2021


Special Guests: WIU President Huang, Kaleb Keeran, Tony Calhoun, Bubba Samuels, Shawn Berry, Donnie Moman, Derek Hoots, Rebel and more!

Watch the opening video HERE.

Watch The Ritz event HERE.

May 5, 2021


Special Guests: WIU  President Huang, Gaylynne Hartley, Amy McCoy, Judy Watkins, Regis Lawrence, Jodi Hails, Scott Kelly AND MORE!

Watch the opening video HERE.