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Students are expected to provide information in order to have refunds directly deposited to their bank account. If you already have a bank account, launch STARS, select Direct Deposit Authorization from the menu, and complete the information listed for University Refunds.

For those without a bank account, the University has negotiated arrangements with two local banks to offer "no cost" options, which waive the initial minimum balance requirement and credit check. Citizens, a Division of Morton Community Bank offers a checking or savings account with an ATM card, and First Bankers Trust Company offers a savings account with an ATM card.  In order to take advantage of one of these services, you will need to take your WIU ID to one of their main bank locations and ask for the WIU special account.

Click here to obtain a list of all Macomb Banks and their ATM locations on campus.

Once you have established an account, please remember to complete the Direct Deposit Authorization on STARS.

Parent Borrowers

Credit balances from Federal Direct Parents Loan for Undergraduate Studies (PLUS) loans are sent to the parent borrower unless the borrower has indicated on the Federal Direct PLUS loan request that the credit balances should go to the student.  Parents wishing to have credit balances automatically deposited to their account may complete the Direct Deposit Authorization-Parent Borrower form.  Please mail this form to the address indicated on the form or fax to 309-298-2811. Parents wishing to cover all charges on the student's account may sign an authorization statement.


Beginning July 1, 2007, employees will begin receiving travel and miscellaneous expense reimbursements via direct deposit. If information is not provided for the direct deposit of WIU Payments/Refunds, the bank information listed as Account 1 on payroll records will be used. To change bank information, select the Direct Deposit Authorization Screen (DDAS) from the WIUP main menu. Bank information may also be changed on STARS by selecting Direct Deposit Authorization from the main menu.

Types of Tuition Appeals

Medical Appeals

Medical Appeals include, but are not limited to:

  • serious injury or illness
  • chronic illness
  • a medical issue of a family member in which the student has to become a part-time or full-time caretaker of that family member
  • a mental health condition

If you would like to do a medical appeal, please send an email to requesting that you would like a medical appeal.


Non-Attendance Appeals

Non-attendance appeals are a one-time exception for students who failed to drop/withdraw from their classes by the add/drop date and did not do coursework.

Extreme Hardship Appeals

Extreme hardship appeals include, but are not limited to:

  • Death of immediate family member
  • Change in employment
  • A sudden or consistent lack of transportation issue
  • A significant cost of living increase

Institutional Error

Institutional error appeals include, but are not limited to:

  • Erroneous information
  • Improper advising

If you would like to do an appeal, please send an email to requesting either a non-attendance, extreme hardship, or institutional error appeal. Please provide specific information and attach any necessary documentation when submitting your appeal.

Non-Tuition Appeal Information

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