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Stephen Graham Graham Book Cover Spring 2017 Case Writer: Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones is a Texas-born Blackfeet writer of horror, literary and experimentalist prose, with more than twenty books out. He also has a couple hundred short stories published, from literary journals to truck-enthusiast magazines, from textbooks to anthologies to best-of-the-year annuals. Jones has been an NEA Fellow, a Texas Writers League Fellow, and has won the Texas Institute of Letters Award for Fiction and the Independent Publishers Multicultural Award. In 1994, in a jail cell, a guy named TJ saved his life. Stephen ended up with some brain damage to his visual cortex, but he’s all rewired now. Stephen started writing a month or two after that. Currently, Stephen lives in Boulder, where he is a fiction writing professor at the University of Colorado, with his wife, two kids, and many dogs.


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