Maurine Magliocco Lecture Series

The Maurine Magliocco Lecture Series for the Department of English & Journalism was established in October 2006. The $30,000 endowment commitment supports an annual lecture in literature, film, theory, or the state of the discipline. In describing her purpose, Dr. Magliocco said: “I really want to help faculty in their professional work. Because faculty care so much and are so involved with students, it is sometimes hard to find the time to do research and connect to the larger discipline. I am hopeful that the lectureship will strengthen that connection and energize faculty.” read more

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Past Lectures

2023: Ryan Poll

2022: Sarah Austin

2019: Koritha Mitchell

2018: Adrienne Brown

2017: Birger Vanwesenbeeck

2016: Jimmy Guignard

2015: Janice Radway

2014: Kelly Ritter

2012: W. J. T. Mitchell

2010: Sandra Jamieson

2009: Timothy Dean

2008: Reed Way Dasenbrock

2007:  Michelle Citron

2006: Linda Ray Pratt