English Department Statement on Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion

The English Department at WIU joins other English Departments across the country to support the Black Lives Matter Movement and call for the end of systemic racism in our country. We take a stand against racism in all its forms and support efforts to dismantle systems that disproportionately affect Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and other marginalized peoples. We support the lives of our Black students and colleagues, and we are committed to end police violence and brutality, white supremacy, and all forms of racism.

Our commitment to social justice in our teaching, curriculum, research, and service is not limited only our department, but also to the campus community at large. While English is often a site of social justice work, we acknowledge the complicated history between English Studies and issues of white supremacy, colonization, and devaluation of the voices of writers of color. We are committed to making changes in all of our classrooms (regardless of delivery mode) to do the anti-racist work that is needed at this time. We are committed to consciously advocating for inclusion and celebrating the diversity of individuals in our community. We are committed to recognizing the ways in which racism and marginalization impact our students, faculty, and staff of color by listening to their needs, and working to create a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Professional Organizations

The following professional organizations in English Studies offer support and guidance for anti-racist work:

  • MLA Statement Deploring Systemic Racism
  • NCTE Statement on Anti-Racism to Support Teaching and Learning
  • CCCC Statement on Students’ Rights to their Own Language
  • NCA Officer Letter in Solidarity and Sympathy
  • IWCA Position Statement on Racism, Anti-Immigration, and Linguistic Intolerance
  • CWPA statement on antiracist initiatives