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Dinner and Conversations: Murder at the Old Bailey: An Evening of Sherlockian Detection

At this semester's Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society’s Dinner & Conversations event, to be hosted by Dr. Magdelyn Helwig, we will bring detective fiction to life in an evening of mystery and murder. We will begin with a brief overview of the classic elements of detection used by the infamous Sherlock Holmes, and then, whilst mingling and enjoying a delectable range of finger foods, we will put our powers of observation to use in unraveling a murder mystery featuring authors and literary characters.

Who killed H.G. Wells in the London flat, 2017 (after time-traveling in Wells’ time machine)? This murder mystery featuring literary and cultural icons played by our faculty, staff, and students took place on Friday, April 7 at the Old Bailey House in Macomb. With stellar props for each character, delectable finger food, and role-playing gusto, the murder mystery was solved! Compliments to Dr. Magdelyn Helwig for hosting such a wonderful Sigma Tau Delta Dinner and Conversations event.

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