College of Arts and Sciences

English Department Awards (Spring 2018)

We’d like to congratulate a few of our faculty members for winning some awesome awards recently!

Core Value and Years of Service Award

Mark Mossman

Award Mossman SP 18

Dan Malachuk

Award Malachuk SP 18

Everett Hamner

Award Hamner SP 18

Outstanding Faculty Award - Internationalizing the Campus

Roberta Di Carmine won Outstanding Faculty Award for Internationalizing the Campus!

Di Carmine Award SP18   Di Carmine Award SP18   Di Carmine Award SP18



WIU Employee Service Recognition Reception - Dr. Margaret Sinex (20 years), Dr. David Banash (15 years), Dr. Bonnie Sonnek (15 years), Dr. Neil Baird (10 years), Dr. Everett Hamner (10 years), Dr. Tim Helwig (10 years), Dr. Magdelyn Helwig (10 years)

Jerry Hansen retiring after 32 years at WIU!

Jerry Hansen Retirement   Jerry Hansen Retirement Jerry Hansen Retirement


Fulbright Scholar

Rebekah Buchanan won Fulbright Scholar - read it about it here.



Film Club was nominated for two awards at the OSA Leadership Awards night.

Film Club Award Spring 2018