College of Arts and Sciences

English Education Students Present at IATE

On Friday, October 21, 2016, some of WIU's English Education students with assistant professor, Alisha White, presented at the IATE conference in Bloomington, IL.

Their presentation was called "Connecting to Home through Artifactual Literacies Projects."

Students’ identities are embedded within their everyday experiences and their drawings, talk, writing, and objects of significance. Pahl and Rowsell’s theory of Artifactual Literacies aims to bridge students’ home and school literacy practices through object stories. This presentation shared Artifactual Literacy Projects created by undergraduate secondary English teacher candidates.

iate group photo  iate group presenting  iate with exchange student

In the group photo by the wall is: Xiaowei Niu, Alisha White, Alexis Phares, and Maggie Wallace.

In the photo with their projected slideshow is: Maggie Wallace, Alexis Phares, Alisha White, and Xiaowei Niu.

The third photo is Alisha White with Xiaowei Niu, who is their visiting student from China.