College of Education & Human Services

Rural Illinois Career & Technical Education (CTE) Grant

The Seymour Center for Rural Education, in partnership with the Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools (AIRSS), received a grant to coordinate a state-wide review of career and technical education programs in Illinois rural schools. 

This grant opportunity extended by the Illinois State Board of Education is an opportunity to better understand the state of CTE efforts in rural schools, and elevate findings to state policymakers. These findings will be paired with a rural Illinois CTE asset map and database of CTE professional development materials.

In addition, the grant brings together partners from the education and private sectors as well as community members on an advisory council to review findings and offer their expertise. The grant also organizes a series of focus groups to workshop specific issues and questions that surround CTE in rural schools. Together, these expert panels will provide specific recommendations for building strong CTE programs across rural Illinois.

If you're interested in learning more or sharing your perspectives,  please reach out!


Great River Teaching Corps (GRTC)

Twelve (12) students have been named to the 2023-2024 Great River Teaching Corps! In addition to receiving $12,000 from the GRTC fund, they benefit  from professional development, and hands-on experiences created specifically for them.  In the near future, the support will expand to 30 partial and full-tuition and fee scholarships through the Great River Teaching Corps to incoming students who wish to pursue careers in teaching K-12 and agree to stay in WIU's 22-county service region to teach following graduation.  Click here to learn more about the GRTC!