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Compliance with Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act

Press Release: Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act

On July 12, 2001 Governor George H. Ryan signed a bill creating the Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act (820 ILCS 260/1 et seq). This law applies to employees who need to express breast milk during working hours for the nourishment of their infants. Western Illinois University is committed to providing an environment that recognizes and supports the work/life needs of our employees.

Employees with requests for accommodation under this Act should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access will work with departments and employees to arrange for a room or location within close proximity to the employee’s work area, other than a toilet stall, where the mother can express milk in privacy. Location options could include a private office or room with a locked door available to nursing mothers during specified periods of time. Some employees have specified break times, in which case time to express milk must run concurrently with these break times, if possible.

For more information, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at (309) 298-1977.

Intentional Spaces

As of April, 2015, our current lactation rooms will also serve as Intentional Spaces.


A lactation/intentional space is a private, secure room where a WIU constituent can go to express milk, meditate or pray free from intrusion.

Note: It is not a space to be used for purposes of general breaks or consuming food.


The lactation/intentional space will be available by reservation through the building representative whenever the host building is open. In consideration of others, and in order to maintain maximum availability, it is recommended that users reserve the room only for the time needed.


Each lactation/intentional space will be equipped with sitting accommodations, a table/counter space, a mini-fridge, and an electrical outlet.

Lactation Rooms/Intentional Spaces

  • Brophy Hall 2nd floor (dedicated)
  • Currens Hall 514a (dedicated)
  • Morgan Hall 213 (mixed use)
  • Multicultural Center 104 (dedicated)
  • Simpkins Hall 025B (dedicated)
  • Horn Field Campus Cabins & Lodge (mixed use)
  • Horrabin Hall  65  (dedicated)
  • Malpass Library 157a (mixed use)
  • Sherman 315H (dedicated)

View Lactation-Intentional Space Campus Map (pdf)

Lactation Room Access Request Form

Building Contact for Lactation-Intentional Space Rooms (doc)

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