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Federal Agencies That Deal With Labor Issues And Statistics | Selected Federal Labor Publications/Websites | Illinois Agencies That Deal With Labor Issues And Statistics | Selected Illinois Labor Publications/Websites

Federal Agencies That Deal With Labor Issues and Statistics

U.S. Dept. of Labor Website
Links to the agencies and services of the U.S. Dept. of Labor. Also, links to labor laws, regulations, statistics, data, programs, and current news items. Visit their Small Business Resource Center page and link to important laws and regulations for small businesses.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Website
Data, Surveys and Programs, News Releases, Economy at a Glance, Publications & Research Papers and more.
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Website
OSHA's mission, regulations, strategic plan, success stories, and more.
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Website
Information on federal civil rights laws and regulations and workplace discrimination. Links to the laws; how to file a complaint, and other information for employers and employees.
National Labor Relations Board Website
The NLRB is an independent Federal agency created in 1935 to enforce the National Labor Relations Act. They conduct secret-ballot elections to determine whether employees want union representation. They also investigate and remedy unfair labor practices by employers and unions.

Selected Federal Labor Publications/Websites

Monthly Labor Review Online
Established in 1915, Monthly Labor Review is the principal journal of fact, analysis, and research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an agency within the U.S. Department of Labor. Also available in print in the GovDocs stacks at L2.6:
Compensation and Working Conditions
This BLS online periodical includes articles, summaries of major studies, and data tables and charts covering a range of topics that include wages and benefits, safety and health, and labor-management relations. Post 2012 the data is inocorporated into the Monthly Labor Review. Prior editions are available in print in the GovDocs stacks at L2.44/4:
Family and Medical Leave Website
U.S. Dept. of Labor's factsheet, compliance manual, links to the law (U.S. Code), links to the regulations (Code of Federal Regulations), etc.
The Minimum Wage Website
Current and historical information about the minimum wage, by the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

Illinois Agencies That Deal With Labor Issues and Statistics

Illinois Department of Employment Security Website
Services for employers and workers, the Illinois economy, unemployment statistics, career information, etc.
Illinois Labor Market Information
Program statistics and publications by the Illinois Dept. of Employment Security.
Illinois Department of Human Rights Website
The Illinois Dept. of Human Rights deals with discrimination in Illinois workplaces, public accommodation and other areas of human rights.
Illinois Industrial Commission Website
Information about Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, Industrial Diseases' Act, etc.
Illinois Department of Labor Website
The Illinois Dept. of Labor enforces labor laws which regulate wages, hours of work and working conditions for all Illinois workers (organized and unorganized), resolves employee - employer disputes and enforces occupational safety and health standards which protect public sector employees. The Department administers the displaced homemakers program. IDOL also regulates carnival amusement rides, employment agencies and counselors and nurse agencies to safeguard the public interest and safety.

Selected Illinois Labor Publications/Websites

Occupational Employment Statistics: Wage Information
Illinois wage information for various occupations in a downloadable zip file which contains an Excel spreadsheet. Also available in print in the Illinois documents stacks as Wage Data 2000 at 331.11 OCCUIO 2000
Illinois Employment Projections
Employment projections are available for both industries and occupations. Short-term projections cover a two year period and long-term projections cover a 10 year period. Data is available through the website for both statewide and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Also available in the Illinois documents stacks at 331.124 Occu4 2006
Illinois Local Area Unemployment Statistics
Monthly and annual estimates of the labor force, employed, unemployed and the unemployment rate for the State, metropolitan areas, counties and municipalities that have a population of at least 25,000.
Handbook on Workers' Compensation and Occupational Diseases (pdf)
Illinois Industrial Commission's guide to workers' compensation in Illinois.