The Presidency

Official Websites
The site typically houses news and information from the President's Office as well as the Vice President's Office, press briefings, Proclamations and Executive Orders.

Constitutional and Statutory Frameworks

Article II, Constitution of the United States of America
Article II describes the qualification, powers, and duties of the office of the president.
25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America
This amendment describes the process necessary to deal with a president unable to discharge the duties of that office.
Presidential Succession Act
This act was required of Congress by the Constitution of the United States of America and lists the order of succession should happen to the President, Vice President and others making them unable to discharge the duties of that office.
War Powers Act, 50 USC 1541, et seq.
The War Powers Act was passed by Congress in 1973 to reassert Congress's constitutionally required role in the use of our military abroad.
Impeachment (U.S. Constitution, annotated)
The section of the Constitution dealing with impeachment.
Presidential Transition
Presidential Transition Act - (via, via Justia) This Act is included in the Notes and Amendments section of Office and Compensation of the President, 3 USC §102
Presidential Transition Act: Provisions and Funding - This report from the Congressional Research Service describes the statutory framework (including recently enacted amendments) for the pre- and post-election presidential administration transition requirements of the incumbent administration.

The Inauguration

Inaugural Addresses
via the Avalon Project (1789 to 2009)
via the American Presidency Project (1789 to present - many have audio and video available as well)
Inaugural Quiz!
Test your knowledge of inaugural trivia with this quiz from the National Archives.

Presidents Past

Portraits of the Presidents
Portraits of Presidents along with cursory analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of their administrations are provided by the National Portrait Gallery.
Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies
These Portraits are from the Library of Congress' American Memory Collection.
The American Presidency Project
Brought to you from UC at Santa Barbara, this website contains all inaugural addresses, State of the Union addresses, Public Papers of the President, Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, press conference transcripts, and more.
The American Presidency - a Glorious Burden
This website accompanies a traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

The White House

Oval Office History
This history of the room that has come to symbolize the American Presidency includes photographs and artists renderings of past decor and other trivia. Courtesy of the White House Museum.
White House Historical Association
This site hosts lots of information on the White House and its occupants.

Presidential Documents

A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents
via Project Gutenberg (browseable 1787-1902)
via the American Presidency Project (includes Tweets from candidate and President Trump - browseable and searchable from June 15, 2015)
Compilation of Presidential Documents
via Govinfo (searchable from 1992 forward)
via the American Presidency Project
Executive Orders
via the American Presidency Project (1789 forward)
via Govinfo (searchable from 1993 forward)
Presidential Proclamations
via the American Presidency Project (1789 forward)
via Govinfo (searchable from 1993 forward))
Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders,
via National Archives and Records Administration (1945-1989)

Presidential Libraries