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Department of Transportation
The DOT website provides links to a wide variety of essential transportation resources and related agencies, including state and local governments, transportation organizations, and DOT publications.
Federal Highway Administration
As part of the Department of Transportation, the FHWA works to improve U.S. highways. The FHWA website features publications, programs, related legislation, and links to all FHWA field offices, including the Illinois division.
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
An administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the BTS is responsible for gathering and disseminating transportation statistics and studies, such as the American Travel Survey, which summarizes national, state and metropolitan travel data. Be sure to check out the BTS External Links Page of transportation-related websites which offers federal, international, regional planning, and state websites.
The National Transportation Safety Board
This independent Federal agency improves traffic safety and investigates all U.S. civil aviation accidents, as well as major accidents in other modes of transportation. The NTSB website features accident synopses, publications, and public safety information related to aviation, highway, marine, pipeline, and railroad transportation.
Energy Efficiency and Renewal Energy
This Department of Energy website offers information on alternative fuels and clean energy technologies.
Illinois Department of Transportation
From the IDOT website, examine an Illinois road closure listing and the latest information on road construction, join the Adopt-A-Highway program, find traffic safety information, or request an official large print highway map.
Chicago Regional Transportation Authority
The Chicago RTA is responsible for ensuring financially sound, coordinated public transportation for northeastern Illinois' Chicago Transit Authority, Metra, and Pace operations. View travel information and a system map here.
Check this website for Amtrak train schedules, fares, and weekly web deals, arrival status, and a station locator.