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All furniture purchases must be directed to the Purchasing Office prior to any purchase

In accordance with Public Act 88-515, the Purchasing Office must file an affidavit with the State, listing the reasons why the furniture must be purchased new as opposed to obtaining the equipment from Surplus Property. This process is transparent to campus departments as the Purchasing Office takes the necessary steps to acquire the furniture.

Specific classes of furniture include the following:

Modular Furniture - Landscape partitions and/or systems furniture units which are joined together to create workspace units or storage in an integrated configuration.

Office Furniture - Freestanding wood or metal furniture used for office applications including workspace (desks and tables), storage (cabinets, credenzas, freestanding portable shelving, file cabinets, and bookcases), conference tables, seating (individual, office, lounge, and reception area items).

Institutional Furniture - Beds, dressers, couches, lounge chairs, tables, chests, night stands, or other items used to furnish hospital rooms or dormitory/residential areas.

Library Furniture - Library shelving, cabinets, files, charge desks, tables, and other freestanding library fixtures used to accommodate library patrons or provide storage for materials.

School Furniture - Student desk and chair units, movable chalkboards, lockers, locker room benches, podiums, or other such items commonly used for educational applications.

Mailroom Furniture - Sorting units, shelves, and tables utilized for mail sorting applications.

Laboratory Furniture - Tables, cabinets, and other portable storage units used within a scientific laboratory application.

Audio Visual Equipment - Lecterns, portable chalkboards, or cabinets used for storage of audio visual equipment or media.

Industrial and Safety Furniture - Storage cabinets used for storage of flammable items, workbenches, tool cabinets.

Miscellaneous Furniture and Fixtures - Folding tables, coat racks, valets, folding chairs, coffee and end tables, stools, lamps.

Data Processing Furniture - Furniture used for the support of data processing equipment, including computer tables, desk, and media storage cabinets.

Outdoor Furniture - Tables, benches, chairs and bleachers.

Equipment Trade-Ins: Trade-in of equipment must be approved by the University's Property Accounting Office prior to the equipment leaving campus. See the Business Services - Property Accounting section of the Administrative Procedures Handbook for further details.