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Procurement Card (P-Card)

A PCard is a credit card issued to University personnel to assist in the purchase of small dollar items. JPMorgan Chase is the program provider. The credit card company pays the vendor and the University pays the credit card company on a monthly basis. Department accounts are billed internally for the charges.

Purchases of up to $5,000 may be made using a University Procurement Card. The PCard is issued to individuals with the appropriate department name; however, it is NOT a department card. The PCard is intended for use ONLY by the individual whose name appears on the face of the card. Cardholders must be a Western Illinois University faculty or staff member (students are not eligible to receive a card).

The Procurement Card may be used to purchase goods, limited services, hotel, and transportation expenses. PCard transactions which include sales tax cannot be processed. Use of a PCard to circumvent the procurement process, otherwise known as stringing, will be investigated and the card suspended according to PCard Manual procedures. Stringing is defined as: “Dividing or planning procurements to avoid use of competitive procedures...” (JCAR 4.2005,t) Unanticipated purchases are not considered stringing.

Contact the Purchasing Office at 309-298-1819, Sherman Hall 227 to apply for a credit card. The Procurement Card Application is filled out using the web based program called PaymentNet. A Cardholder Agreement must be completed, signed and returned to the Purchasing Office before the Procurement Card will be issued. All Cardholders must be trained by the Purchasing Office and receive a manual on procurement card procedures.

P-Card Forms