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Purchasing Approvals

Effective Monday, March 1, 2021, all purchases (including those made using a P-card) will require the following approvals:

  • $0 to $4,999 - Fiscal Agent Approval
  • $5,000 to $99,999 - Vice Presidential or Associate Vice Presidential Approval (Vice President Academic Affairs/Provost, Vice President for Student Success, Vice President for Finance and Administration, or the Vice President for Enrollment Management)*

*For departments who report directly to the President (other than the VPs listed above), purchases $5,000 - $9,999 require Vice President of Finance and Administration approval, and $10,000 and above require Presidential approval.

  • $100,000 and above - Presidential Approval

While the approval levels are changing to further support departmental control, the expectation remains that expenditures should be made only for essential items/purchases and that departmental spending should be limited and closely monitored. This applies to all accounts and fund sources. Departments that over-expend their appropriated budget(s) may face penalties, including the loss of future spending authority. An essential expense is considered one, which if not made, would cause a University or departmental standstill, or lead to penalties for the University. Essential spending also includes purchases necessary to maintain or protect the University community's health, safety, or physical well-being, as well as those required to complete the duties of a division/department. Fiscal agents are responsible for financial maintenance and management in their areas.

Purchases of $250,000 to $499,999 require prior approval from the President of the University, legal, and the Vice President of Administrative Services.

Purchases of $500,000 or more require prior approval of the Board of Trustees of Western Illinois University. The Board meets four times a year. Departments are encouraged to plan accordingly. Agenda items for meetings are due one month in advance.

UNIVERSITY DESIGNEE - The University Designee authority resides with the Vice President for Administrative Services/Assistant to the Vice President for Administrative Services. Please reference the Board of Trustees Policy (for further details).

Also, under the Official University Policy Manual (Contract Procedures): “As described in the Board of Trustees Regulation, V., B., 3., d., only the President or his/her designees are authorized to sign contracts for the University. Any violation of this Regulation may render the contract void, if in the best interests of the University, and make the signing employee personally responsible for any consequences of the voided contract.”

The following purchases require special approval as specified below prior to submitting to the Purchasing Office for processing.

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. Various other approvals may be required depending upon the nature of the transaction and the source of funds.

Selected Purchases & Additional Required Approvals:

  • Laser Supplies and Equipment, X-Ray Supplies and Equipment, Radioactive Materials, Supplies and Equipment: Radiation Safety Officer - 298-3191
  • Multi-Function Devices (MFD): University Printing & Mailing Center (UPMC) - 298-1000
  • Trade-Ins of Equipment: Property Accounting - 298-3118
  • Furniture (All): Purchasing – 298-1819
  • Gifts, Awards, Plaques, Promotional Items, Prizes, Contributions, Raffles – Reference Gift Policy
  • Business/Departmental Expenses:
    • Meals and Refreshments
    • Costs Incurred by Candidates
    • Miscellaneous Expenses
    • Wearing Apparel
    • Dues, Memberships, and Licenses
    • Registration fees and tickets
    • Decorations and Floral Arrangements
    • Wall Hangings, Lamps, Refrigerators, Coffee Makers, Fans, Heaters, Air Purifiers, Microwave Ovens, etc…
  • IT Governance: Requests from the University community for technology-related improvements that meet at least one of the following criteria must be vetted through IT Governance.
    • It impacts the University significantly from a directional, policy, services, systems, security, financial process, operational or strategic perspective.
    • It requires significant funding. IT expenditures exceeding a designated threshold of $15,000 will be vetted through the IT Governance process.
    • It integrates with one or more existing systems. (Example: A new system requires interfaces with an existing financial module.)
  • Printing Orders: University Relations – 298-1993 /University Printing & Mailing Center (UPMC) - 298-1000
  • Logo and trademark approval: University Relations – 298-1993
  • Insurance Policies and any Contract Terms and Conditions: Assistant to the Vice President for Administrative Services - 298-1800
  • Telecommunication Equipment: UTech Telecommunications - 298-2713
  • Air Conditioners, Space Heaters, Equipment Requiring Additional Installations, Contractual Items Relating to Facilities Management (Special Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, Window Treatments, etc.): Facilities Management - 298-1834

NOTE: Construction related services require approval by Facilities Management before submitting the Online Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Office. Departments must include written approval from Facilities Management. This approval will include review of the intended equipment/project compliance with University Facility Design Standards and code-related issues that must be addressed during the intended project. This step and approval process is necessary to avoid installation and maintenance problems.