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Non-University Events

Persons/organizations not associated with the University, and not covered by other existing policies, who want to schedule an event in the University Union that will provide personal profit to persons or organizations may be permitted if:

  • The proposed use is under sponsorship, or at the invitation of, an organization associated with the institution or is determined to be consistent with the University Union's mission.
  • The proposed use will not interfere with or detract from the mission of the University Union, or the use of the facilities by organizations associated with the institution.
  • The University Union has appropriate facilities available for the proposed use.
  • The person/organization seeking to use the facilities has complied with applicable University Union procedures.
  • Persons/organizations using the University Union facilities may be required to pay rental charges for use of the facilities and will be required to comply with insurance requirements.
Insurance Requirements for Non-University Events:

Persons/organizations not associated with the University shall provide liability insurance for itself and all of its participants with limits of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for each person/occurrence for bodily injury and/or property.

To comply with insurance requirements, persons/organizations not associated with the University shall either:

Provide to the University a certificate of insurance including the WIU Board of Trustees and Western Illinois University as an additional insured for no less than $1,000,000 combined limits.


Purchase coverage for the event through the Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy. The Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy, which provides affordable General Liability insurance, is available to tenants, users and renters of Western Illinois University facilities. Protection is provided against negligent acts for which the group or organization may be held responsible for property damage or bodily injury. Western Illinois University is named as an additional insured. The cost of the coverage is a per-day charge based on the type of event and number of people attending the event. Non-University groups may contact the WIU Office of Risk Management.

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