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Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance is mandatory for all Western Illinois University students who are taking nine (9) semester hours, at least five (5) on Macomb campus or more. It provides the student with guaranteed coverage, 24 hours a day protection and a very low deductible. WIU’s Student Insurance provides coverage for mental health and substance abuse issues, as well as hospital stays, maternity care and ambulance transport.

The Student Health Insurance office is located in Sherman Hall Room 321, (309) 298-1882 or email

Insurance Waiver Information

You may request that health insurance be waived by submitting an online waiver form to the Student Health Insurance Office. The online waiver site opens on June 1 for Fall waivers and on December 1 for Spring waivers. Make sure you get a waiver confirmation number after submitting your information and then check your WIU email for your confirmation message. NOTE: the waiver site works best with a laptop or desktop computer rather than a mobile device.

Access the Health Insurance Waiver Site

This form must be approved and on file in the Student Health Insurance Office by the 10th day of Fall and Spring Semesters and the 6th day of Summer Semester.

Insurance Services - What We Can Do For You

  • Your student account will be reimbursed for BEU charges
  • Guide you to understanding insurance after you graduate
  • Help you understand your outside coverage (if you have it)
  • Help complete complicated insurance forms from outside carriers

2023-2024 Student Health Insurance Benefits

Benefits at a Glance

2023/2024 Schedule of Benefits

Coverage Period

The plan protects all eligible students 24 hours a day. Continuous year-round coverage is available if the student maintains 9 semester hours, undergraduate or graduate, during the fall and spring semesters.

Effective Dates
  • Fall Semester: 08/01/2023 (12:01 a.m.) to 01/31/2024 (midnight)
  • Spring Semester: 2/1/2024 (12:01 a.m.) to 07/31/2024 (midnight)

Student Eligibility

Student Health Insurance is mandatory for all Western Illinois University students who are taking nine (9) semester hours, at least five (5) on Macomb campus or more. WIU Quad Cities students are not automatically enrolled but can opt in, All Graduate Assistants under contract with the University, and Spoon River College students residing in University housing are also assessed the fee for this coverage. All students eligible for coverage under the Plan will be assessed a Student Health Insurance fee on their University bill.


Student costs per Semester: $1052.00
New spring matriculates: $1222.00

Claim Procedures

  1. In the event of an injury or illness, an insured student MUST:If on campus or residing locally, report to Beu Health Center for proper medical treatment.
  2. For outpatient treatment of mental illness or substance abuse, contact the Director of the Counseling Center and/or Director of Beu Health Center to determine if a professional non-University referral is necessary.
  3. If away from the University consult a Physician or Hospital immediately for treatment.

Student Health Insurance

Western Illinois University's Student Accident and Illness Insurance Plan is intended to supplement and complement services normally available to students through Beu Health Center. Services of the Health Center are available to all students. Even if you are not covered by Student Insurance, you may still use the Health Center at no additional charge.