Beu Health Center

Psychiatric Services

A psychiatrist is available on a part-time basis for individual counseling. Services include evaluation, ongoing consultation, prescription medication, and monitoring of a medication. Referrals to the psychiatrist are through Beu Health Center, University Counseling Center, WIU Psychology Clinic or a mental health professional associated with a hospital.

There are support groups on campus for people with, or suffering from, mental disorders such as bipolar, depression, etc. For current information about mental health support groups visit the University Counseling Center. Additionally, there are full-time psychologists and/or counselors on campus available for students to talk to. Contact the University Counseling Center at 298-2453 or the Psychology Clinic at 298-1919.


Payment is accepted at the time of service (cash or check), or you can charge to your University student account or credit card (MasterCard, Visa). We are not set up to bill your private insurance company. However, we will provide you with all necessary documentation. You are encouraged to save receipts for tax or insurance purposes.