Beu Health Center

Laboratory Services

The Beu Health center laboratory is fully accredited through CLIA (Clinical Laboratory) and is staffed by board registered Clinical Laboratory Scientists and a Phlebotomist. The Laboratory Department does not give out test results however, results may be received from the ordering Physician, Nurse Practitioner or their nurse(s). A full range of laboratory testing is available to WIU students through onsite and reference lab services.

Testing Performed may include Basic Lab Waive Testing like, Urinalysis, Streps, mono, Flu, Covid-19, Pregnancy, Most Upper Respiratory Testing, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and many more.

You do not need an appointment for lab tests ordered by a Beu Health Center health care provider or your private physician. However, written lab orders are always required. These lab test orders may be faxed to the lab ahead of time (Fax #: (309) 298-2897) by you or your family physician. If the tests require you to be fasting, do not eat or drink anything other than water for 12 hours before coming to the lab. Do drink water so that you are well hydrated when your blood is drawn.

Pharmacy shelves
Test List
Chlamydia/GC PCR Testing
Basic Metabolic Panel
Gram Stain
CBC with Diff.
Lipid Panel
Mono Test
Pap Test
Pregnancy Test
Rapid Strep
Sickle Cell
RPR- Syphilis test
Urinalysis Complete
Urine Culture
WBC Differential
Wet Prep

*Please Note:*

  • Test list not representative of all available tests.