Financial Aid



As soon as your awards are determined, an email notification will be sent to your WIU email address. Award letter information will be available on your STARS account - reference Understanding Your Award Letter for additional details!

Award letters are based on the following, unless otherwise stated:

  1. Full-time enrollment status (minimum 12 hours for undergraduates, 15 hours for MAP recipients, and 9 hours for graduate students).
  2. Tuition and fees based on your tuition guarantee.

Awards may be adjusted later if:

  1. Your enrollment is less than full-time (minimum enrollment for loans is six hours).
  2. You receive aid not included previously on an Award Notification.
  3. Funding allocations change, particularly state sources.

Students should use their award letter information and the WIU Cost Estimator to compare their anticipated aid to their estimated costs. By subtracting financial aid from estimated costs, students can anticipate their out-of-pocket expenses each semester. 

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