Financial Aid

Types of Aid

Students who submit their FAFSA to WIU are considered for three types of financial aid:

Types of Aid
  • Grants are funds that do not have to be repaid – the most common grants received by WIU students are the Federal Pell Grant and the Illinois Monetary Assistance Program (MAP) Grant.
  • Student loans are funds that students borrow from the federal government that must be repaid. It is strongly recommended that students borrow only what they need.
  • Work-Study is a government-sponsored program through which students may earn funds for college by working a limited number of hours (usually 10-20) in a job on or off campus.

When students apply for financial aid, they receive a financial aid award letter that includes a combination of these types of aid, based on their financial need and eligibility.

In addition, scholarships are funds that do not have to be repaid – WIU scholarship applications are available through the Scholarship Office.