Graduate Student Scholarships

Graduate students have numerous opportunities for financial assistance across the campus of Western Illinois University, including federal student loans and graduate assistantships with tuition waivers. There are a limited number of competitive academic scholarships available through the Foundation Scholarship Program.

The scholarships listed below require separate applications; criteria and deadlines will vary. Additional scholarship opportunities are available through the WIU Scholarship Portal.

Award amounts and deadline dates subject to change. 

Scholarship GPA, ACT, etc Requirements $ Awarded each year Deadline to apply Contact Comments
Ron and Sheila Gierhan   Has shown commitment and contribution to their extracurricular groups or organizations on campus $200 Spring Semester Office of Student Activities Nominated by faculty, staff, advisors, or other students
Kelvin Butts Memorial Scholarship 3.0 GPA Student currently residing in the residence halls with the intention of returning to the residence halls for the following year; Demonstrate leadership $500 May 1 Office of Residence Life  
Western Illinois Black Alumni Scholarship 2.5 GPA African American student; 24 hours through Graduate; Full-time; Record of community service $250 July 1 Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center 500 word essay required
William and Eva Graham Scholarship   Current employee of the University Library; Good academic standing $500 Oct. 12 Leslie F. Malpass Library Administration Office  
RA Council Award   Evaluated by accomplishment and contribution; Good GPA $250 Contact University Housing and Dining Services University Housing and Dining Services  
Shane and Tena Bennett Scholarship 3.5 GPA Second semester grad student at the time of award; Member of the Recreational Sports Professional Society; U.S. citizen/permanent resident $250 Contact Campus Recreation Campus Recreation  
President's Minority Graduate Access Program (PMGAP) Full-time (9 hours/sem) Minority, U.S. citizen or permanent resident, regular/probationary graduate student. Preference to first year students. $4,000  May 1 Application Students receiving tuition waivers, DFI awards, etc. are not eligible.
Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois (DFI) Minimum 2.75 GPA in last two years undergraduate work & minimum 3.2 GPA in at least 9 hours of graduate study Accepted and enrolled in a graduate program at least half time; Illinois resident or high school or college graduate  from an Illinois school or registered to vote in IL with minimum 3 years residency; must be member of an underrepresented group (African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, or Native American) $12,500 stipend February of each year-contact the WIU Graduate Office Mark Mossman, Associate Provost and Associate VP, Academic Affairs  Must plan to teach or administer at an Illinois post-secondary  institution or  take a position at one of the post-secondary education governing or coordinating boards in Illinois for equal to the number of years of award; Financial need from FAFSA is considered