Writing a Scholarship Thank You Letter

Your scholarship is the result of a generous contribution from a donor and it is vitally important that you take time to say thank you for such a gift. It is an act of common courtesy and a small way of letting our donors know just what a difference their gifts are making in your life and the lives of WIU students. 

Thank you letters should be delivered as instructed in your scholarship award notification - if you have questions, contact the awarding department or office.

Writing Tips

First, keep the letter brief but informative.

  • Remember to actually thank your donor!
  • Name the scholarship you are receiving
  • Include the academic year you will receive the scholarship (e.g. for the 2017-18 school year)

Second, give them some details about yourself, your background, your studies, and/or your future goals. 

  • Organizations, internships
  • Your major (and why?)
  • Family background and high school
  • Future Plans - Short and long term goals

Third, describe the difference this award will make in your education and life.

Last, conclude the note by thanking them again

  • Sign with your full name
  • Include your anticipated graduation year (e.g. if you will graduate in 2019, sign as John Doe '19)

Additional Tips:

  • If you wish, include a nice photograph of yourself.
  • Be accurate and have someone else proofread your letter for correct spelling and grammar.
  • While hand-written is best, a typed letter signed by you is acceptable.
  • If needed, thank you stationary is available in the Scholarship Office.

Sample Letter

Can be used as a guide to creating your letter - DO NOT COPY.

First Paragraph:  Give the purpose of your letter- (I am writing to thank you for the _____Scholarship). Then, express your appreciation for the scholarship – (I am honored to have been selected to receive the scholarship. Or, I was very happy to learn I am the recipient of your scholarship.  Or, I really appreciate receiving this scholarship.)

Second Paragraph: Share information about yourself and how the scholarship is important to you. (I am majoring in _______________. I hope to have a career in _______________. I am interested in this because ______________. The money from this scholarship will help finance my education and allow me to focus on academics/ or studying and becoming involved in college activities.)

Third Paragraph: Thank the donor again and state your desire to honor the scholarship by doing well in your academic studies.

Foundation and department scholarships that require an application are available on the Scholarship Portal.

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