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Linkages is a concurrent enrollment program whereby students enroll at Western Illinois University (Macomb or Quad Cities campuses and a participating community college. The goal is to help students reduce tuition costs and ensure a seamless transition into a WIU major. The Linkages program is designed for college-ready students who will take one 100-level or 200-level course at Western Illinois University and register for the remainder of their classes at the participating community college. Linkages is also a way for students to lock-in WIU's 4-year cost guarantee and become part of the WIU community.

Current participating community colleges:

How to Qualify

Students must meet published admissions standards at both Western Illinois University and the participating community college. Students must apply and be accepted to both institutions. Financial Aid will be distributed by the community college to the student, so students should send their FAFSA to the participating community college for each academic year of concurrent enrollment.

Special Financial Aid Programs - Consortium Agreements 

What is a consortium agreement?

A consortium agreement allows WIU students receiving financial aid through the university to register for classes at a partner community college in order to receive financial aid for courses taken at both schools. Click here for more information

Cost Comparison:

The Linkages Program is a way for students to significantly reduce their cost of attendance while still being a part of the university community. 

Annual Tuition & Fee Comparison, 2021-22*
  Linkages Linkages FULL-TIME
Charges Quad Cities Macomb WIU-MACOMB
WIU Tuition: $1,847.64 $1847.64 WIU Tuition: $9,238.20
WIU Fees: $361.27 $568.14 WIU Fees: $2,840.70
BHC Tution: $3,576 $3,576    
TOTAL $5,784.91 $5,991.78 TOTAL $12,078.90
*Housing and meal costs not included and may be required for full-time WIU-Macomb students
**Linkage tuition based on 3 credit hours at WIU and 12 credit hours at BHC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply?
  1. Fill out an undergraduate admissions application online.
  2. Send in ANY transcripts. This includes high school and any college if you have earned dual credit.
  3. Additional application information
Q: What are admissions requirements
A: Students must meet freshman admissions requirements which are:

2.75+ GPA on a 4.0 scale OR 3.44+ GPA on a 5.0 scale
You will be admitted.

2.0-2.74 GPA on a 4.0 scale OR 2.5-3.43 GPA on a 5.0 scale
Your application will be reviewed and additional information may be requested. You are encouraged to submit a high school transcript rather than self-report your grades on the admissions application.

Q: What does “concurrent enrollment” really mean?
A: It means that you would take classes at two institutions (both WIU and a community college) at the same time.
Q: If I am in Linkages can I still access campus amenities?
A: Yes, as a Linkages student you would have access to the same amenities as full time students, including the recreation center, health center, Division I athletics, dining halls, performing arts shows, and many other campus activities.
Q: Who is my academic advisor and how do I register for classes at two different places?
A: You will be assigned a WIU academic advisor to help you select university classes and you can utilize the advising center, which is available at your participating community college.
Q: Can I take more than one class each semester with WIU in this program?
A: Yes, you are welcome to take more WIU classes, but it is recommended that you limit your hours at WIU until your junior year in order to keep your cost of attendance down.
Q: I am not close to a WIU campus location so how can I participate in this program?
A: While we encourage you to take face-to-face classes early on in your collegiate career, online classes are still an option for you to participate in the Linkages program at a participating community college.
Q: How long do I participate in the Linkages program?
A: The program is designed to give students two years at the reduced rate at the participating community college. Students my use their WIU courses to “reverse transfer” course to the community college and complete the Associates Degree. Students are eligible for additional financial aid in the junior year that will assist with cost of attendance at the university beginning in the junior year.