Administrative Services

Bomb Threat and Suspicious Package

Open or Closed Suspicious Packages

If you observe an open or closed package that may be a potential bomb or other potential threat:

  1. Never touch any package that is suspicious! Do not attempt to move or open as it could explode or spread threat!
  2. Notify OPS immediately by dialing 309-298-1949 on a land-line phone. Do not use two wayradio or cellphone within 100 feet of the suspicious package, as this may activate certain devices.
  3. Attempt to keep others from disturbing the package until OPS or First Responders arrive in the area. Assist OPS as directed.
  4. Observe the area for any suspicious person(s) and report description to OPS upon arrival.

Telephone Threats

  1. If you receive a telephone call indicating that a bomb or other explosive device has been placed on campus:
    1. Remain calm, don't be abrupt, and speak in a normal tone.
    2. Note the time of the call and the specific telephone on which the call was received.
    3. Note the caller's number if your phone is equipped with caller ID.
    4. Note the exact words of the caller while keeping the caller on the hone as long as possible and listen carefully.
  2. Ask the caller the following questions or listen for the following information. Do not insult the caller while obtaining needed information.
    1. Where is the device located?
    2. When will it go off?
    3. What does the device look like?
    4. What type of device is it?
    5. What is the caller's name or motive for placing the device?
    6. Is the caller an employee or student?
    7. Where is the caller located?
    8. Listen and write down any information observed. If the caller rambles, do not interrupt them, but direct the flow of the information.
    9. Note background noises, gender of the caller, voice pitch, speech patterns or accents.
    10. Do not insult or aggravate the caller while obtaining information.
    11. Supply information to appropriate university officials or OPS when they arrive on scene.
    12. Isolate the suspicious package, parcel or letter by evacuating all personnel from the room immediately and closing the door.

Written Threats or Suspicious Items Found on Campus

Suspicious letters or parcels received or found on campus:

  1. If receiving a letter that has threatening messages written upon it, do not open or remove from the location.
  2. Remain calm; notify OPS immediately at 309-298-1949 or by calling 911.
  3. If the package or letter was delivered, note the description of person(s) and method of delivery.
  4. Preserve the scene for OPS and keep others from handling or going near the letter or parcel.

Examples of Suspicious Packages or Envelopes

  1. Appears to contain loose electrical wire or aluminum foil.
  2. Addressed to an employee who is no longer with the university or has an outdated postmark.
  3. Excessive postage, excessive wrapping, handwritten or poorly typed addresses, incorrect university addresses or titles with no names with misspelling of common words.
  4. No return address or one that is obviously fraudulent.
  5. Strange odor or vapor coming from the package, letter or parcel.
  6. Received by someone unknown to you or an unexpected delivery.
  7. Return address is not consistent with the postmark.
  8. Unusual weight in proportion to the package, oddly shaped, or lopsided.
  9. Unusual markings such as, "very personal", "extremely fragile", or other restrictive delivery instructions.
  10. Clicking, humming, beeping, or vibration coming from the package. Any suspicious powdery substance on the outside or visible through the package.
  11. Any suspicious powdery substance on the outside of a parcel, package or letter.