Administrative Services

Sexual Assault

At the Office

  1. Do not give out personal information while at work.
  2. If working after hours, inform OPS at (309) 298-1949 and keep your door locked.
  3. Do not inform others that you are alone.
  4. To design a personal protection program for your office, contact OPS at (309) 298-1949.

In the Car

  1. Park in a well-lighted area, and have your key ready to unlock your vehicle.
  2. Carry a cellular phone with you or at least in your vehicle. While a cell phone cannot protect you, it is a useful way of communicating with authorities.
  3. Check your back seat before getting in to make sure no one is hiding there.
  4. Keep doors locked at all times. If your car breaks down and you do not have a cell phone, raise the hood, put on emergency lights, and lock the doors. Wait for someone to stop, stay in your locked car, and ask them to call the police or tow service.

If You Are the Victim of Sexual Assault

Your primary objective should be to survive the attack and to avoid serious injury to yourself. Look for situations you can exploit to your advantage.

Take notice of the characteristics of your assailant, his or her habits, surroundings, speech, and mannerisms. This information is invaluable for the police in trying to apprehend the criminal.

Notify OPS at 911 or (309) 298-1949.

Seek MEDICAL help.

If you have been raped, do not shower, bathe, douche, or wash or destroy any of the clothes you were wearing. Do not disturb the area where the assault occurred. If you change clothes, put clothes you wore during the assault in a paper bag and take them to the hospital or police station to enter as evidence. It is best not to change clothes before seeking medical attention.

Be sure to get medical attention for injuries and tests for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

To report a sexual assault:

911 or (309) 298-1949
Western Illinois Regional Council Sexual Assault Program (24-hour Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Hotline)
(309) 837-5555
Student Development and Orientation
(309) 298-1884
University Counseling Center
(309) 298-2453
Women’s Center
(309) 298-2242
To Report Sexual Harassment
(309) 298-1977