Administrative Services


In the event that weather conditions deteriorate and a tornado warning has been sounded all university personnel, staff, faculty, students and visitors should seek shelter immediately.

Individuals should seek shelter in the buildings interiors, preferably the lower levels such as hallways, or in rooms without windows with doors that close. Avoid windows and large open areas such as gymnasiums, lobbies and theaters. In most buildings, tornado signage will designate shelter areas.

  1. If outdoors and you cannot safely reach indoor shelter, go to the nearest ditch or depression, away from power lines, buildings and trees.
  2. Request that students, faculty, staff and visitors should not leave shelter or return to their office or class room until the all clear is given.
  3. Students, faculty, and staff should plan ahead to determine the best area of shelter (such as interior walls away from windows and doors) during a tornado.
  5. After the tornado has passed, evaluate the situation and if emergency help is needed, Call OPS at 309-298-1949 or call 911.
  6. Be aware of dangerous structural conditions or downed power lines and evacuate the building if necessary once the storm has passed. Report damaged facilities or downed power lines to OPS.
  7. NOTE: Gas leaks and power failures create special hazards. Please refer to the "Utility Failure" section.
  8. If individuals cannot exit the building using the stairs, they should proceed to an Area of Rescue Assistance.
  9. If fire breaks out, do not use the elevators.
  10. Once outside, move to a clear area away from the affected building. Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.
  11. Do NOT return to an evacuated building unless instructed to do so by OPS or authorized authorities.