Administrative Services

Civil Disturbance or Demonstration

Civil Disturbance

  1. Notify OPS the nature of the disturbance, location, and the number of people involved, and if any weapons are involved, providing as much information as possible.
  2. If needed move students, faculty, staff, and visitors to a safe location.
  3. Maintain a calm composure; reassure students, faculty, staff, and visitors that proper authorities have been notified.
  4. If you are indoors and the disturbance is outside, close window shades, curtains, and/or blinds.


  1. Most campus demonstrations are peaceful, so carry on business as normally as possible while avoiding provoking or obstructing the demonstrators.
  2. If a disturbance occurs, the following actions should be taken.
    1. Contact OPS by dialing (309) 298-1949. To avoid any issue with demonstrators, call from private space away from the demonstration.
    2. Alert all individuals in the area of the potential situation.
    3. Lock doors, and secure files, documents, and equipment.
    4. If necessary, cease operations and evacuate making sure the last person out locks the doors.