Administrative Services


  1. If indoors, seek refuge in a doorway or under a desk or table. Stay away from glass windows, shelves, and heavy equipment.
  2. During an earthquake, exit the building ONLY AFTER THE SHAKING HAS STOPPED.
  3. If outdoors, move away from utility poles and buildings. Always avoid power or utility lines as they may be live.
  4. After the initial shock, evaluate the situation and if emergency help is necessary, call OPS at (309) 298-1949.
  5. Report damaged facilities to OPS.

    NOTE: Gas leaks and power failures create special hazards. Please refer to the "Utility Failure" section.
  6. After shaking has stopped, if individuals cannot exit the building using the stairs, they should proceed to an Area of Safe Refuge to await further assistance.
  7. If a fire breaks out, do not use the elevators.
  8. Once outside, move to a clear area away from the affected buildings. Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel. If requested, assist OPS.
  9. Do not return to an evacuated building unless instructed to do so by OPS.