WIU Alumni Give Thanks

WIU Alumni Give ThanksIn the spirit of giving thanks, we asked alumni on our Alumni Association Facebook page to share with us what they were thankful for from their time while they were at Western Illinois University. Maybe it was the education they received or meeting their best friend here, we wanted to hear about it. Here are a few of the responses that we received:

Dennis McCain '72: "I am thankful for the world class education that I received."

Deborah Christman '75: "I am thankful for finding out I can do whatever it takes, the education, the degree, and mostly two good friends whom I roomed with at the time."

Kevin Froehlich '05: "The level of education I received; the helpful faculty, the ability to grow as an individual and gain a more global perspective on the world."

Caron Krebs Smith '89: "Thankful for my husband, whom I met here. Also thankful for our educations, which has supported us all these years."

Peggy Kirk Goetsch '78: "Thankful for the wonderful friendships. Also, for the excellent instructors that I had. I will always be grateful for my time at WIU."

Regina Young Hyatt '94 M.S. '97: "I am thankful for the life-long friends I met at WIU and the great preparation I received for my career!"

Thank you for all of your responses! We are thankful for the more than 115,000 WIU alumni and friends! The loyalty, dedication, and commitment that our alumni show and share is contagious and much appreciated. From the bottom of our hearts we express our deepest gratitude. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!