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Campus Connection Submissions for Aug. 5, 2011


Note of Thanks

Thank you to all my friends and colleagues past and present for making my 41 years at WIU a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Having the opportunity to serve as the Vice President for Administrative Services the last 14 years has been deeply rewarding. WIU is a great University with great people. I will never forget you.

Jackie Thompson


Faculty & Staff News


  • Rick Best, WQPT—"$50,000 from the Illinois Arts Council for "Profile on Illinois Artists" and $20,000 from the National Center for Media Engagement for "Achieve Quad Cities."
  • Richard Chamberlain, CAIT—$200,000 from the Illinois Community College Board for the project entitled, "GED Online - National Deployment Model - FY12" and  $34,600 from the McDonald's Corporation for "McDonald's Golden Arches Code Deployment - Hosting and Support 2011."
  • Monte Colley, Physical Plant—$10,831 from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for "Public Sector Electric Efficiency Program." 
  • Ralph Graham, Kinesiology— $4,403 from the Illinois Association for Health, PE, Recreation & Dance for "Effects of Exercise Training and/or Nutritional Counseling on Inflammation."  
  • Joel Gruver, agriculture—$12,300 from The Ceres Trust for "Systems Strategies for Weed Management on Organic Grain Farms."
  • Gisele Hamm, IIRA—$5,000 in continuation funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service for "Community Outreach Support," and $800 from various sources for "MAPPING Community Support."
  • Fred Iutzi, IIRA— $91,882 from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for "Wind for Schools in Illinois."
  • Karen Mauldin-Curtis, IIRA— supplemental funding from various sources in the amounts of $10,000, $5,000 and $5,500 and for "Peace Corps Fellows Community Contributions."  
  • Chris Merrett, IIRA— $400,000 from the U. S. Small Business Administration for "ISBDC Congressional Earmark" and $100,000 from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for "SBDC Jobs Act Project."
  • Michael Music, Bureau of Cultural Affairs — $1,000 from Arts Midwest for "Doktor Kaboom!"
  • Rafael Obregon, Engineering Technology—$9,000 in supplemental funding from the Innovative Design and Research Corporation for "Design and Analysis Collaboration Project - Phase I" and $2,256 in supplemental funding from various sources for "MAPPING Community Support."  
  • Andrea Porras-Alfaro, biological sciences—$91,588 in continuation funding from the National Science Foundation for "Collaborative Research: Dynamics of Plant-Soil Feedbacks in Changing Environments."  
  • Tammy Sayles, Libraries— $3,000 from the American Library Association for "Let's Talk About It:  Making Sense of the American Civil War."
  • Kimberly Sikes, CAIT—$47,550 from the Illinois Attorney General for "Illinois Attorney General - Web Support FY12." 
  •  Tim Spier, biological sciences—$54,727 from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for "Intensive Basin Survey Assistance."
  • Dorie Vallillo, WIUM/WIUW—two grants from the Illinois Arts Council: $43,462 for "Basic Grant for Public TV/Radio - FY2011" and $11,000 for "Celebration Concert Series."



Professional Activities