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Campus Connection Submissions- May 6, 2011



DWDI Speakers, Filmmaker Presentation Announced

The presentations and discussions during the 18th annual Dealing with Difference Institute will revolve around Fear: Its Uses and Abuses. A primary goal of the institute is to deepen the understanding and strengthen the skills of participants—teachers, mentors, administrators, students, citizens, or family and community members—so they can more effectively counter the inappropriate use of fear, fear that keeps us from working together. Institute facilitators will engage participants in interactive sessions to explore the construction and use of fear, as well as viable ways to deconstruct it and undercut its impact.

Shakti Butler, a filmmaker and the Executive Director of World Trust, in a presentation titled "Fear: The Internal Engine of Oppression," will discuss fear as one of the personal and social complications that make genuine culturally diverse communities difficult to build and maintain.
Other sessions will focus on fear and mass media, American identities and fear, the psychology of fear, and ways to take a step back before responding to fear-filled messages.

Faculty/staff making presentations or leading discussions will include:

  • Bill Knight, Mohammad Siddiqi, and Pearlie Strother-Adams,"Fear and Mass Communication";
  • Melanie Hetzel-Riggin and Lance Ternasky, "Daniel Gardner's 'The Science of Fear'",
  • J.Q. Adams, "American Identities and Fear";
  • Andrea Hyde, Tracy Knight, and Karen Mauldin-Curtis, "Countering Fear Through Meditation, Visualization, and Yoga";
  • Sean Dixon and Tammy La Prad, "A Discussion of Jeremy Rifkin's 'The Empathic Civilization.'"; and
  • Pamela Godt, Ronald Pettigrew, John Timmons, John Tracy, and Sandra Nesbitt Tracy, "Stories of Fear."

Complete information about the institute presenters, program, and registration is available on the Illinois Association for Cultural Diversity website. For more information, contact DWDI co-directors Janice Welsch at or 298-2057 or J.Q. Adams at or 298-3698. The institute is co-sponsored by Western Illinois University’s Expanding Cultural Diversity Project, WIU’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research, and the Illinois Association for Cultural Diversity.

Faculty & Staff News

Professional Activities

  • Dean Alexander, LEJA, co-organized the symposium, "US Counter Terrorism Strategy in South Asia and the AFPAK" at Notre Dame College (Cleveland, OH) and served as a speaker on foreign affinity terrorism in the AFPAK-India region in April. He also authored the article "Student Projects Involving the Analysis of Web Sites of Extremist and Extremist-Affiliated Groups in the United States," which was published in the April-June 2011 issue of the Journal of Applied Security Research.
  • Janna Deitz, (with Sarah Poggione, Ohio University), presented "Out of Step, But Farther Behind: Gender and Legislative Extremism" at the meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association held March 31-April 3 in Chicago.
  • Nicholas Pano, history (emeritus), presented "Perspectives on U.S.-Albania Relations, 1922-1991" at the Symposium on U.S.-Albania relations in Tirana, Albania. Pano also presented lectures on "Currrent Issues in U.S.-Albanian Relations" at the Universities Durres, Elbasan, and Shkoder under the outreach program of the U.S. Embassy in Tirana.
  • Thomas Williams, geography, presented his research, "Flash Flooding in the Texas Panhandle, 12 June 2010," at the Central Iowa National Weather Association Severe Storms conference on April 2 in Ankeny, Iowa, and at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Seattle, (WA) on April 13. Williams, a storm chaser, also intercepted the tornadic storm that struck St. Louis' Lambert International Airport on Friday, April 22 as it crossed Interstate 64 shortly before strengthening and hitting the airport, which was shut down due to extensive damage. 


Debbie Summers Retirement Reception May 25

Debbie Summers, bursar, will retire from Western Illinois University at the end of May with 34 years of service.

A retirement reception for Summers will be held from 1-3 p.m. Wednesday, May 25, in the Multicultural Center (first floor). The University community is welcome to stop by and congratulate her.

For more information, contact Susan Brown at 298-2051 or .

Division of Student Services Awards

Student Services Civil Service Employee of the Month

  • Kayla Dorethy, Undergraduate Admissions

Administrative Employee of the Month

  • Dustin Van Sloten, Campus Recreation

Act of Kindness Awards

  • Shawna Sprinkle, DPS, for assisting SDO in preparation for their recent conference;
  • Stan Clayton, University Union, for taking extra steps to assist with the the MAPS Fossil Expo;
  • Denise Edwards, Beu Health Center, for going the extra mile to assist a family;
  • Derinda Chambers, Beu Health Center, for making things in Medical Transcription run smoothly;
  • Pam Rodeffer, AOD Resource Center, for always being helpful and courteous;
  • Elaine Root, Undergraduate Admissions, for assisting a fellow employee who was injured; and
  • Christie Carmack, COEHS, and Shanee Sullivan for helping make the Employee Wellness program a success.