Campus Connection

Campus Connection Submissions - Oct. 7, 2011

Grants & Contracts

  • Alumni Programs—$42,500 from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for "Alumni House Window and Door Replacement."
  • Andrew Baker, agriculture—$4,826 from the Illinois State Board of Education for "Agriculture Teacher Education - FY12." 
  • Kathy Barclay, curriculum and instruction—$78,567 from the Illinois Reading Council for "Illinois Reading Council Journal - Year 9."
  • Gloria Delany-Barmann and Carla Paciotto, educational and interdisciplinary studies—$299,936 from the U.S. Department of Education "Project Estrella."
  • Virginia Boynton, history—continued funding in the amount of $35,586 from the Regional Office of Education #26 for "Disseminating Traditional American History to Teachers Through Innovative and Cohesive Professional Development to Further Student Learning - Year 4
  • Marcus Buker, geography—$71,460 from the National Science Foundation for "Collaborative Research: An Investigation of Dynamical Processes Driving the Genesis and Maintenance of Tornadic Vortices."  
  • Richard Chamberlain and Crystal Hack, CAIT—$239,760 from the Illinois Community College Board for "GED Illinois Online - Statewide Curriculum Deployment FY12."
  • Gisele Hamm, IIRA—$500 from various sources "MAPPING Community Support." And supplemental funding $3,828 from various sources for "MAPPING Community Support." 
  • Dawn Hughes, CIAESC, has received funding in the amount of $115,425 from the Illinois Community College Board for the project entitled, "Curriculum Publications Clearinghouse - FY12."
  • Richard Mathers and William Faulkner, Sociology and Anthropology—$219,801 from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for "Test Construction, Delivery, Scoring, Test Evaluations and Trainer/Course Evaluations - FY12."
  • Karen Mauldin-Curtis—$3,750 in supplemental funding from various sources for "Peace Corps Fellows Community Contributions."
  • Susan Nichols, ILEEI—$103,218 from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board for the project entitled, "ILEEI - Programming - FY12."$96,782 from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board for "ILEEI - Administrative - FY12."
  • Kimberly Sikes and Richard Chamberlain, CAIT—$182,006 from the Illinois Community College Board for "DAISI Project - FY12."
  • Lori Sutton, IIRA—supplemental funding in the amounts of $1,346, $806, and $765 from various sources for "Continuum of Care Support." 
  • Kim Wisslead and Richard Chamberlain, CAIT—$415,000 from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for "DCFS WebBased Training - Year 7."

Professional Activities

  • Julia Albarracin, political science, presented "Health and HIV Prevention Among Latinas: An Integrated Approach to Empowerment" at the 10th International AIDS Impact Conference held Sept. 12-15 in Santa Fe, NM.
  • Gregory Baldi, political science, presented "Discourses of Industry in Postwar Britain and Germany" at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association held Sept. 1-4 in Seattle, WA. He was named co-winner of the American Political Science Association Haas Prize for the best dissertation in European politics for 2010 at the conference.
  • Kathy Barclay, curriculum and instruction, authored the article "Thinking About the Way Children Use Language" in the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, Vol. 1 No. 13, pp. 157-161, September 2011.
  • Jonathan Day, political science, presented "Conservative Shift, Tea Party Movement, or Health Care Backlash? Election Specific Explanations for the 2010 Midterm Elections" at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association held Sept. 1-4 in Seattle, WA.
  • Richard Filipink, history, presented "Triumph and Tragedy: The Presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson" at the "Teaching American History" Fall Workshop, Sept. 25 in Macomb. George Hopkins, history, presented "That Day in Dallas: A Historian and the Assassination of JFK" at the "Teaching American History" Fall Workshop.
  • Casey LaFrance, political science, presented "The Role of Experience in Prioritizing Adherence to SOPs in Police Agencies" at the Southeastern Conference of Public Administration held Sept. 21-24 in New Orleans, LA.
  • Scott Palmer, history, presented “Strategic Visions and Tactical Realities on the Frontlines of Digital Humanities: Russia's Great War and Revolution" at the Conference on Representing Knowledge in the Digital Humanities, University of Kansas Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, Sept. 24 in Lawrence, KS.
  • Jolene Willis, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, presented “2011 Survey of Illinois County Wind Energy Ordinances” at the Fall Conference of the Illinois Association of County Zoning Officials held at the Starved Rock Lodge and Conference Center, Utica, IL, in August.

Division of Student Services Awards

The Division of Student Services Award Winners for September 2011 include:

Employees of the Month
  • Tim Sheridan, Student Judicial Programs (Administrative)
  • Joan Brenner, Financial Aid (Civil Service)
Act of Kindness Award Winners:
  • Beth Campbell
  • Vladimir Charles
  • Diane Cumbie
  • Ashley Gose
  • Jeremy Homolka
  • Samantha Klinger
  • AJ Lutz
  • Kristi Manwill
  • Bridget McCormick
  • Tera Monroe
  • Brent Plough
  • Deb Protsman
  • Marla Rigg
  • Joe Roselieb
  • John Smith
  • Shawna Sprinkle
  • Curtis Steiner
  • Jeff Stockton
  • Vickie Taite
  • Megan Thurston
  • Marc Vawter
  • Meg Welsh
  • Shawn Wochne