Campus Connection

Campus Connection Submissions for Dec. 19, 2014

Grants & Contracts

  • Jonathan Ahl, WIUM-FM—$12,575 from the Illinois Arts Council for "Public Radio Basic Grant FY14." FY14
  • Robin Hanna, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs (IIRA)—$9,000 from various sources for "Supplement to 5-16280 RETAC Services (continuous)." Ongoing
  • Robin Hanna, IIRA—$1,500 from McDonough County Enterprise Zone for "Supplement to 5-16280 RETAC Services (continous)." Ongoing
  • Cynthia Struthers, IIRA—$6,223 from various sources for the project entitled "Health MAPPING Community Support (continuous)." Ongoing
  • Lori Sutton, IIRA—$10,675 from the YWCA of Quincy for  "Supplement to 5-17180 Continuum of Care Support (continuous)." Ongoing

Vice President for Student Services Employee of the Month Awards and Act of Kindness Recipients for November 2014

Civil Service Employee of the Month:

  • Mary Kay Flesner, University Housing and Dining Services

Graduate Assistant of the Month:

  • Tiara Cash, Campus Recreation

Student Employee of the Month:

  • Rachel Hope, Campus Recreation and University Housing and Dining Services

Act of Kindness Recipients:

  • Alan Arvin
  • Brad Bainter
  • Tom Clark
  • Mick Cumbie
  • Leslie Ducay
  • Holly Fecht
  • Sara Frederick
  • Marsha Grotts
  • Kirk Hare
  • George Hartmann
  • Austin Hetzer
  • Karolynn Heuer
  • Mary Howe
  • Peggy Koontz
  • Lisa Krieg
  • Kelsey Laverdiere
  • Nick Maentanis
  • Kathy Meyers
  • Digger Oster
  • Ron Pettigrew
  • Danette Phelps
  • Darcie Shinberger
  • Chuck Slater
  • Emily Sparks
  • Amy Spelman
  • Mike Stevenson
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Michael Thompson
  • Connie Van Dyke
  • Christie Weishaar
  • Jessica Woods
  • Jody Zscheck

WIU 403b Universal Availability Notice 2015

The WIU 403b supplemental retirement plan is an avenue to use pretax earnings to save for retirement and reduce your taxable income. The voluntary plan includes providers offering a variety of investment options from mutual funds to guaranteed return funds.

Since Jan. 1, 2009 the 403b supplemental retirement plan has been and continues to be, open to university employees working any amount of time (part time or full time, temporary and regular) and student employees who have FICA  deducted from their earnings.
Participants may choose to make post tax deferrals to a Roth 403b account available via TIAA-CREF or Valic enrollment. Roth conversions are allowed within the plan with no distribution penalty.

Information regarding enrollment and participation is available through the human resources benefits office, room 312 Sherman Hall, (309) 298-1853.

Summer Stipend Opportunities

The Western Illinois University Foundation will award up to three grants specifically related to academic enhancements in the classroom in the amount of $3,000 each for Summer 2015. All of these grants provide opportunities for faculty to engage in projects leading to the enhancement of Western Illinois University in the areas of teaching. This summer stipend is intended to allow faculty to pursue projects well beyond those which can normally be pursued during the academic year.  

Proposals are to be submitted in one of the following two categories:  development of a significant curriculum proposal or mastery of a new instructional technique.  

The selection committee will pay special attention to the “expected outcomes” section of the proposal to ensure that substantial outcomes result from the stipend-funded project.

Proposals for summer stipends must be submitted to the Foundation Office in 303 Sherman Hall, no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 23.

Proposals must follow the guidelines and policies set forth by the committee. The committee will only consider applications that follow the guidelines, supply important information, present scholarly quality and meet the application deadline. Examples of successfully funded proposals can be found on the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching website at

For more information about the guidelines, contact Lisa Krieg at (309) 298-1808 or