Campus Connection

Campus Connection Submissions for March 21 2014

Grants & Contracts

  • Jude Kiah, Go West Transit—$893,500 from the city of Macomb for "Go West Transit." FY14
  • Susan Nichols, Illinois Law Enforcement Executive Institute (ILEEI)—$403,199 from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) "ILEEI –Programming."  FY14
  • Susan Nichols, ILEEI—$390,512 from ILETSB for "ILEEI- Administrative." FY14

Professional Activities

  • A new book, co-authored with Laura Stewart (Rowland Reading Foundation) and Debbie Lee (C & I), with Foreword by Timothy Shanahan, was released by Corwin Press, The Everything Guide to Informational Text, K-2: Best Texts, Best Practices. The Illinois Academy professional development workshop on the common core standards and the impact on early childhood will be in the Chicago area March 7. There are two upcoming presentations at the Illinois Reading Council's annual conference in Springfield on March 13. Two sessions will also be presented at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development's Annual Conference in Los Angeles on March 17.

Changes in Civil Service Personnel - March 2014

New Employees

  • Boyer, Emily B., Broadcast News Specialist, Educational/Public Service Radio, 2/17/14.
  • Ebbert, Dawn M., Administrative Clerk, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, 2/10/14.
  • Lutz, Peggy L., Office Support Associate, Registrar, 3/10/14.
  • Sanders, Clara, Radio/Television Producer/Announcer I, Educational/Public Service Radio, 3/3/14.
  • Severs, Kelly J., Clerk, CAIT, 3/17/14.


  • Rathjen, Daniel D., Maintenance Worker, Building Maintenance, Returning to Building Service Worker, Building Services, 3/8/14.

Name Changes

  • Caspall, Gloria J., Building Service Worker, Building Services, 2/25/14. Former Name: Gloria Heaton.


  • Black, Larissa J., Collection Specialist, Billing and Receivables, 2/18/14.


  • Ruebush, Deborah L., Police Officer, Public Safety, 2/28/14.
  • Swiderski, Walter E., Building Service Worker, Building Services, 2/28/14.
  • Webster, Edward W., Building Service Worker, Building Services, 2/28/14.
  • Welsh, Susan, Office Support Associate, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration, 2/28/14.

SURS Pension Reform Presentation March 25

State University Retirement System presentation regarding Pension Reform (PA98-599) "Understanding the Changes and How They Impact You" will take place on Tuesday, March 25 in the Heritage Room and at the Quad Cities Riverfront Campus, room 210 at 2:30 p.m.

WIU Television Services will "live stream" the presentation to the Quad Cities Riverfront Campus.

A SURS Retirement Counselor will present an overview of changes to SURS benefits based on PA 98-599 (SB1) that was signed by Governor Quinn December 5, 2013. This presentation will be most beneficial for SURS Tier I members. Tier I members are members who first began participation in SURS or another reciprocal system prior to 1/1/11.

Items discussed will include:

  • Employee Contributions
  • Retirement Age Eligibility
  • Maximum Pensionable Earnings Cap
  • Effective Rate of Interest
  • Money Purchase Actuarial Changes
  • Automatic Annual Increase (AAI)
  • New Defined Contribution Plan
  • Funding Changes

SURS recommends members bring a copy of their 2013 Benefit Summary Statement to the presentation. Members can print this statement from their member account at

Instructions for printing your 2013 SURS Benefit Summary Statement:

Go to and sign in to Member Login. If you haven't registered before, you will need to complete the registration process first. On the right hand side of the screen is a Quick Links menu. Click on the Benefit Summary Statement button. It will default you to your last Benefit Summary Statement, which is the 2013 statement. You can view/print any of your past statements by selecting the statement year desired. To print the 2013 statement, click on the printer friendly page to print.

Please call the Benefits office at 298-1853 to plan seating.

SURS is also providing pension reform webinar presentations.

A webinar is scheduled for April 4, 2014.

For information and to register for the webinar, go to