College of Business & Technology

CBT Internship Coordinators by Department

Department of Accounting and Finance

Dr. Gregg Woodruff
Stipes Hall 418
(309) 298-1152

Accounting and Finance Internship Information

School of Agriculture

Dr. Andrew Baker
Knoblauch Hall 145
(309) 298-1080

Agriculture Internship Information

School of Computer Sciences

Dr. Dennis DeVolder
Stipes Hall 447
(309) 298-1452

Department of Economics and Decision Sciences

Dr. Tej Kaul
Stipes Hall 442
(309) 298-1153

Economics Internship Information

School of Engineering

Dr. William Pratt
WIU QC Riverfront 109
(309) 762-9481 Ext. 62783

Department of Engineering Technology

Dr. Ray Diez
Knoblauch Hall 134
(309) 298-1091

School of Management and Marketing

Dr. Craig Conrad
Stipes Hall 414G
(309) 298-2681

Management and Marketing Internship Information