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Constitutional Issues

Government and legal information available at WIU on related topics:


The Constitution of the United States

1st Amendment

2nd Amendment - RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS

Encyclopedia of Gun Control and Gun Rights
Anti-gun control effort detailing the players in the gun control debate, the laws, and the guns.
LEGL REF KF 3941 .A68 V88 2000
Whose Right to Keep and Bear Arms? The Second Amendment as a Source of Individual Rights
The senate Judiciary Committee debates interpretation of the Second Amendment with testimony from NRA president Charlton Heston among others.
Y 4.J 89/2: S.HRG. 105-890

4TH Amendment - Right to Privacy

5TH Amendment - Freedom of Self-Incrimination

6TH Amendment - Right to a Fair Trial

8TH Amendment - Cruel & Unusual Punishment

13TH Amendment - Abolishment of Slavery

14TH Amendment - Equal Protection

19TH Amendment - Women's Suffrage

25TH Amendment - Presidential Succession

Supreme Court Cases